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Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions and their respective answers. While Flood Detection Systems has made every effort to present as much information as possible about our products and services, we gladly welcome the opportunity to answer any further questions that you may have.

Should you wish to ask a question not listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 1300 009 838 or by using our online contact form. Either way, one of our trusted representatives will respond as soon as they become available, and help you with your queries.

Are Wireless Flood Detectors Really That Reliable?

There are a number of benefits associated with wireless technology, the least of which is the ability to install our units without having to compromise on the structural integrity of the property in question. Wired units require drilling, mounting, boring and carrying cables across, through or within walls and floors; wireless units do not.

Had this question been asked five or six years ago, we may have agreed that having a wired system may be more appropriate, however wireless technology has come a long way since then and, as such, with a 5-year battery life, our wireless systems outcompete even the most secure of today’s wired systems.

Rest assured that we would not sell, distribute or install products that are not suitable for their duties and associated environments.

Will The Flood Detection System Integrate With My Outdoor Design?

While the unit has to remain visible for safety reasons, the location and aesthetics of your installation will always stay true to the look and feel of your property. That goes to say that we will always choose a location that suits you and your aesthetic requirements whilst allowing the unit to perform its duties as required.

How Safe Is The Flood Sensor When Left Outside?

Our Flood Detection Units and their protective housings are designed to withstand even the most severe of weather conditions. The special polymer used to manufacture the units’ external casings is impervious to snow, wind, rain, hail, heat and cold, as well as being able to endure the fading and cracking effects of the Sun.

How Much Do Flood Detection Systems Cost?

This answer depends on your exact requirements, current alarm system and its ability to support our Flood Detection units.

As a ballpark figure, most customers can expect to pay less than US$120 (AUS$168) for a full installation, but some projects can cost significantly more depending on the number and type of units required, the distance those units are from the communications hub, whether they are integrated with the Back-To-Base monitoring station and so on.

For the best estimate, simply give us a call on 1300 009 838 or click here to lodge an electronic enquiry.

Are Flood Detection Systems A Legal Requirement?

With the ever-present threat of climate change, the risks of world-wide floods is on the rise. As such, depending on where you live and the respective area’s legislation, you may or may not be required to install flood detection systems in your property. Sydney, for example, is currently in the process of mandating the installation of these units within their residential and commercial properties.

Is Back-To-Base Monitoring Necessary For Effective Flood Detection?

The answer to this question depends on what type of flooding you wish to be alerted to? For example, if you are worried about internal flooding, caused by overflowing drains, baths, showers and washing machines, then back-to-base monitoring is not necessary as the associated flood sensors need only to be integrated with your home alarm system.

If you wish to be made aware of imminent floods as they race across the earth, then incorporating your flood detection system onto the outside of your property and connecting it to a back-to-base monitoring station is the most effective way to stay protected.

Pacific Security Technology’s Flood Detection Systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with DSC Alarms’ back-to-base monitoring stations and, as such, users will benefit from unrivalled protection against burglary, trespassing, theft, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire and floods.

Our flood detection systems are compatible with the following DSC Security Panels:

  • Alexor
  • Impassa
  • PowerSeries
  • PC4020
  • PC1864
  • PC1832
  • PC1616

If your property is protected by a different system, but you have WS4945 wireless door and window sensors installed, then we will most likely be able to connect our flood detection units with your system.

If you would prefer to speak to us and clarify whether your home can benefit from our flood detection units, please get in touch with us by calling 1300 009 838 or by clicking here.

How Do Flood Detection Systems Work?

Flood Detection Systems rely on a special water-sensitive unit, placed at various locations throughout a given property or area of concern. This unit contains a series of bare electrodes that make up an incomplete electric circuit; when the water level rises to meet those electrodes, the circuit is complete and the alarm is triggered.

Why Do I Need Flood Detection Equipment?

Flood Detection Systems are specifically designed and installed to provide those living in potential flood zones with appropriate warnings of an impending flood. As such, once the alarm has been triggered, people in the area will have more time to collect their belongings, ensure the safety of their families and begin evacuating.

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