DSC Flood Sensors

Incorporating DSC Flood Sensors In Our Flood Detection Units

Founded in 1979, Digital Security Controls (DSC) has grown to become a world-leading alarm and security solutions innovator, manufacturer and supplier.

With head offices in Toronto, Canada, DSC established itself as one of North America’s most reputable domestic and commercial security solutions specialists, before branching out and expanding its services to meet the needs of over 140 other countries around the globe.

DSC’s Canadian and Italian factories have produced only the most versatile and reliable alarm and security equipment, including intruder alarms, motion detection equipment, fire and smoke alarms and flood sensors, along with a wide range of communications solutions and wireless technologies.

As such, Pacific Security Technologies has opted to incorporate DSC flood sensors into our Flood Detection Systems to allow for existing DSC customers to install and integrate their new flood detection equipment with ease. Furthermore, for those who have never had a DSC alarm system or back-to-base monitoring solution set up in their homes or offices, you’ll be glad to know that we’ll be able to help you regardless.

Our trained technicians, and the dedicated support team behind them, are all more than capable of successfully installing, maintaining and repairing any number of DSC security products, which includes incorporating our flood detection units into any given property, protected by a DSC alarm system or otherwise.


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Having a DSC flood sensor integrated in your Flood Detection System allows for:

  • An effective early flood-warning system
  • A reduced risk of flood-related deaths
  • The ability to salvage important business material
  • Crucial time to gather personal belongings
  • Additional time to safely evacuate
  • A smaller chance of spreading waterborne bacteria
  • Lower insurance costs
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Call Flood Detection Systems today on 1300 009 838 to have your property, organisation or community protected by some of the world’s most dependable flood detection equipment. If you’re worried about having the units professionally installed, don’t worry – we can have a trained and fully-equipped technician pay you a visit and help to install the new hardware for you.

If you’d like to get in touch with us online, instead of over the phone, please click here to use our website’s contact form.

Already have a professional flood detection system installed? Well, if you’re in need of some technical assistance, a maintenance service, system upgrade or battery replacement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements to have your issues seen to.

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