Electronics Line Flood Sensors

Combining Electronics Line Flood Sensors With PST Flood Detection Systems for Your Utmost Peace of Mind.

Now serving as a part of Risco Group, Electronics Line was established in 1982 with to supply those in need with superior alarm and personal security solutions.

Following on from their ongoing success in Israel, where the company is headquartered, Electronics Line has branched out to serve a wider international audience as well as continuously developing their product line to ensure that EL only offers the most adaptable, long-lasting and reliable security products available.

As a specialist in both wired and wireless security and communications systems, Electronics Line has strived to give its client the utmost in domestic and commercial security. EL’s ever-expanding knowledge in the realms of personal defence and commercial security solutions has given the company the means to advance their understanding of threat-detection equipment. In so doing, Electronics Line now supply a wide range of dependable fire, smoke, motion and flood sensors.

If your property is protected by an Electronics Line alarm or security system, installing Flood Detection Systems from Pacific Security Technology could not be easier. Taking into consideration that EL has purposefully developed the vast majority of their products to connect with each other and share information, our Flood Detection Units are no different.

Pacific Security Technology’s knowledgeable staff and dedicated support team are dually trained across all aspects of Electronics Line equipment and related software, thereby allowing us to seamlessly integrate our flood detection systems into any EL-monitored property; residential, commercial or otherwise.


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Having Electronics Line Flood Sensors Integrated Into Our Flood Detection Units gives rise to:

  • A highly-effective, early flood-warning system
  • The reduced risk of flood-related deaths and injuries
  • Crucial time to save and gather important business material
  • Additional time to salvage goods and personal possessions
  • Less infections from waterborne bacteria
  • A safe evacuation timeframe
  • Lower insurance premiums
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To give your home, office, community or region a better chance at reducing the damaging effects of surprise floods, call us today on 1300 009 838 and have some of the world’s most reliable, long-lasting flood detection systems installed at a moment’s notice. If you’re trying to organise an installation for you newly-purchased flood detection system, fear not, for we can organise to have a fully trained and equipped technician drop at a time and date that suits you. To get in touch and organise an installation or ask any questions, just give us a call or click here to use our online contact form.

Do you already own or manage any flood detection equipment? If so, and you’re in need of some essential maintenance, an upgrade, battery replacement or any technical assistance on the matter, please contact us so that we can provide you with the support you need.

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